My name is Alexandra, my friends call me Ali. I am a Vancouverite who’s days are filled with filming, singing, walking, swimming and smiling. 


January 2016, I attended Langara College concentrating in an Acting-Film Arts certificate. During this program, I was opened to the world of acting and film production.Upon the completion of the program I had participated in the production of 11 short films, two of which have attended festivals internationally. I was awarded Achievement in Acting from the Film Arts department, and have received many other bursaries, scholarships and awards.


Currently, I work with a documentary team, act, sing, dance, play piano, write and serve. In exploring several mediums of art, film is an effective, powerful and multi-dimensional platform to launch my career as an independent artist. My goals as an artist involve pursuing performance, directing, music production, singing/song writing, while continuing a strong foundation in art and design. 


Vancouver, British Columbia



Tel: 403 462 7522

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